Tips to Buying Shampoo for Coloured Hair

Posted on: 18 August 2016

Selecting hair supplies can prove to be quite confusing, especially if you do not know what you are looking for. The supermarket aisles are teeming with different products, which all promise to be good for your hair, but you do not have any guarantee. Although selecting hair care products is a personal decision, you have to keep in mind that your needs would be different from other consumers. This is especially true if you have coloured your hair. Once you have opted for a colour treatment, your hair strands become more fragile and thus can succumb to breakage much easier. Therefore, it is prudent to ensure that you are using the right shampoo when washing your hair. The following are some handy tips to selecting shampoo for coloured hair.

Opt for clarifying shampoo

The first thing to keep in mind is that coloured hair needs clarifying shampoo. This is a product you should invest in, as it will boost both the shine as well as the colour of your hair. This type of shampoo should be used twice a month for the best results.

Opt for colour-protective shampoo

When looking for shampoo for hair that is coloured, look out for products that have colour-protective on the label. This type of shampoo will ensure that the colour lasts longer rather than it being stripped off every single time that you wash your hair. This, in turn, translates into fewer salon visits to retain the intensity of your colour treatment.

Opt for creamy shampoos

Choose creamy shampoos if you have colour in your hair. Creamy shampoos are made up of ingredients such as sodium laureth sulphate, which will gently cleanse your hair without making the colour fade. Since creamy shampoos produce more lather, you will not have to scrub your hair as hard to work up a foam, which in turn means less stripping of the hair colour.

Opt for shampoos containing moisturisers and conditioners

When selecting shampoo for coloured hair, pick those that are rich in conditioner as well as moisturisers. Typically, these shampoos will have ingredients such as Shea butter or may contain lanolin. These ingredients will keep your hair moisturised and tangle free while keeping it from drying out due to the colour treatment.

Lastly, to protect colour treated hair, use a deep conditioner every fortnight. Deep conditioners that comprise of ingredients such as  Aloe Vera or olive oil will protect your hair from the sun's rays while still maintaining the vibrancy of the colour.

Talk to a hair colour specialist from a place such as Skye Norman Hair and Beauty Company for more information. 


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